Qi Yang

ALT Undokai

10Apr 2012 Qi Yang

This past weekend, the ALTs of Nagasaki Prefecture held their annual undokai, or sports day, event.  Activities included the Arcade Girl relay, piggyback race, mukade, human pyramid, 100m dash, eating contests, tug-of-war, and an obstacle race.  It was a great chance for foreigners and Japanese in the community to interact.  Please check it out next year if you have the chance!

Human Pyramid – Photo taken by Daisy Wong

March/April issue of the Nagazasshi

04Apr 2012 Qi Yang

As mentioned in Yamaguchi-san`s last post, we at the Nagazasshi have issued our March/April issue.


Please check it out here: http://issuu.com/nagazasshi/docs/nagazasshi4.5


This spring issue features an article on the history of Christianity in Nagasaki, a recent discovery in Matsuura, and the origins of Golden Week.  We also have our usual kanji and review articles.  Be sure to take a look!