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Dongping National Forest Park

15Jun 2017 施耀青

Shi Yue Qing

Shanghai, China

2016 Nagasaki Prefecture Overseas Technical Trainee

Lived in Nagasaki from August 2016 to March 2017



Hello everyone! Long time no see! My name is Shi Yue Qing and I was an Overseas Technical Trainee in Nagasaki during 2016. I really enjoyed my time in Nagasaki

I’ve been home for over three months now. I’m already feeling nostalgic about my time in Nagasaki.



I would like to introduce one of the most famous places in my hometown. It’s come to be called the face of Chongming Island. It’s the Dongping National Forest Park.



First off, Chongming Island is located north of Shanghai, at the mouth of the Yangtze River. It has an area of 1,000 square kilometers. The Dongping National Forest Part is in the center of the northern part of the island, with an area of 3.55 square kilometers, over 90% of which is covered in forest. The park has a national AAAA rating as a tourism destination. This park has so much going on it’s said to have a sea of trees, a world of flowers, and is a bird heaven.



The air is clean and the whole park is overflowing with an atmosphere of tranquility. The park has large fields of flowers and the symbol of the park is its large metasequoia forest. It’s so comfortable here, it’s like time is standing still. You can get away from the noise of everyday life and spend some relaxed time here. This park is truly an oasis for the people of the Shanghai area.

There are lots of facilities to enjoy on a day off like the car camping area, cook-out area, crape myrtle garden, paintball area, rock climbing facilities, and zip lines.

Here are some of the pictures I took at the park during a recent trip with a friend.



First, here’s the cook-out area.



This is how it looks from the outside.





My friend and I barbequed some skewers…

…They came out a little burnt. Well, it’s not like they’ll taste all that different… right? Never mind these pictures (lol).

After that we checked out the park on some bicycles.




We found some deer!

They seemed quite timid. They wouldn’t come near us. I thought to myself that it’s too bad that we can’t interact more with the animals like we can at Nagasaki BioPark.




There’s a plane on display.

It looks a little dilapidated but it’s a real fighter plane.



It feels like there’s a whole mysterious world that unfurls beyond this nameless little road.




A sea of flowers. Here you can see beautiful flowers year-round.




Oh look, there’s Japanese on these signs.

That wasn’t there the last time I was here. This park is really going for it^^






It looks like there’s a performance going on. There are motorcycles zooming around the inside of this cage! Isn’t it incredible? I have never seen this live before.



What a big lake. There are even people out doing activities on it. What a peaceful scene…

Huh? Hey, wait a minute! What’s that? Someone is way up in the air!





I talked to someone who worked there and found out that there was some sort of event going on that day and the person in the air was doing some sort of tightrope performance. A performance, now I see. I was so surprised ^^;






I also saw a windmill and triangular buildings.


Recently in Shanghai the PM 2.5 pollution problem is getting worse. But, there are still places with fresh air to revitalize you. This is a perfect place to release stress from work.


Next time I’ll introduce another spot like the Dongping National Forest Park where you can relax in nature.


Please come to visit Chongming Island!