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Beijing Snacks

11Oct 2011 劉 夢妍

Liu Mengyan (Beijing,China)

Period of stay inNagasaki: April 2010 until March 2011

(former research student at Nagasaki Prefectural University, Siebold Campus)





  My one year inNagasakiwas like a dream. It’s been five months since I returned to bothBeijingand my job, but I miss Nagasaki’s beautiful towns, fresh air and wonderful people more than I can say.


  Nor can I forget Nagasaki’s delicious food, of course. The fresh sashimi, the soft castella, the scalding hot champon… To Nagasaki, which gave me all these amazing delicacies, I want to introduce the traditional foods of my local Beijing. Morever, I want to introduce the foods that only the locals know about or eat, rather than the well-known things such as Peking duck or the shabu shabu-like dishes.


  Now, come and take a gourmet food journey with me.







  Lu Da Gun! My favourite! This sticky food is made with soy bean flour and red bean paste.



  This is Wan Dou Huang, a one-time palace snack made with peas. It’s also good for diets!


  This vegetable-rich dish is Chao Ge Da. But look closely – the small white things are made with flour.





  This is our standard dish, Zha Jiang Mian.



  What do you think? Looking at the pictures only makes you want more, right?


Make sure to come and have fun inBeijing. I’ll be waiting!