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Free Shimabara Shuttle Bus

01Aug 2011 tomocchi

The popular television show Himitsu no Kenmin Show featured a local dish from Shimabara called Rokubei.


As a result demand for Rokubei has greatly increased, even among the locals!

I daresay this has been good publicity for Shimabara.

Luckily we just happen to run a free shuttle bus around Shimabara City for visiting tourists.



The bus starts at Shimabara Port and goes by all the main locations in the city.

Carp Stream:


The Shimabara Castle Gamadasu Squad greets visitors outside the Shimabara Castle:


Near the castle is a street of old samurai houses that retain the atmosphere of times past:


For you history buffs out there I recommend the temple Honkoji:


On the temple grounds is the Joban History Musuem which contains a great many artifacts and documents to do with Matsudaira Fukamizo the Daimyo for Shimabara-han. In particular, I found the oldest Korean-made world map very interesting, although they only have a replica on display as the original must be preserved. Overall the museum has a great many interesting pieces for its size. What’s more, the main hall of the temple has a statue of Kannon of which it is said that members of the Akechi family rescued from the temple complex Hieizan when it was destroyed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. If you go through the museum you can also see the statue, so be sure to ask to see it.


The free shuttle bus I mentioned earlier also visits the Heisei Shinzan Nature Center, the Mizunashi Honzin Rest Stop & Shopping Center, and the Mt. Unzen Disaster Memorial Hall. There are five buses per day.


The shuttle bus is free, but you do need to reserve a ticket to be able to use the bus.


The tickets are available free of charge at the Shimabara Tourism Association, Shimabara Castle, Tourism Guide Otemonban, and the Mizunashi Honzin Rest Stop & Shopping Center, among other locations in the city.


There is also currently a special deal for the ferry between Kumamoto and Shimabara, so residents of Kumamoto are encouraged to visit the Shimabara Penninsula now while the special price lasts.


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[Free Shimabara Shuttle Bus]
Questions: Shimabara Tourism & Geo-park Group

Tel: 0957-63-1111

Tickets Locations: Shimabara Tourism Association, Tourism Guide Otemonban,ShimabaraCastle, Mt. Unzen Disaster Memorial Hall, Mizunashi Honzin Rest Stop & Shopping Center, Hotels & Inns in Shimabara Center.


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