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Todoroki Gorge

21Aug 2012 tomocchi


More than 30 waterfalls and streams both large and small flow through Todoroki Gorge in Isahaya City.

It’s a great spot to swim, camp and generally cool off from the summer heat. 



Soon the Bon Festival will have passed and we won’t be able to swim in the sea any more, I guess…

So, if you haven’t had your fill of swimming for this year, and you’re bored of going to the pool, why not head for Todoroki Gorge?


This is Todoroki Falls



I often made my parents bring me here when I was a kid, and I can remember splashing and swimming around, even as I yelled “It’s colder than the swimming pool!” (^-^)



Since the temperature in the valley is about 3 degrees cooler than outside of the valley, the water is kept at a pleasant 22-23℃.
As you approach the falls, the air starts to cool, and it’s easy forget about the heat of summer. It’s a wonderful feeling!



The cool water feels great on my hands!



I reckon if you step right up to the waterfall you can breathe in plenty of negative ions too!

What better way to get refreshed? (*´∇`*)



On the right of the waterfall some footprints mark a mysterious “Fushigi Spot”.


 (「Try standing here!」)


If you stand here, the roar of the waterfall echoes off the walls of the gorge and creates a stereo effect, with the sound of the water coming from both directions.

Don’t miss out on this unique experience!


Upstream, there are a lot of children playing and people having barbecues on the riverbank.

Many people come here to camp too☆



Whether you come to Todoroki Gorge with family or friends, to swim or barbecue or camp, you’re sure to leave with many good summer memories  \(*^▽^*)/







Todoroki Gorge (Todoroki-kyou)
Location:1106 Takakicho Zenjuji, Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture.
Enquiries:Isahaya Tourism, Products and Convention Association
Environmental maintenance charge (May – September):300 yen per standard-sized car.



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