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Forest Witch Cafe

15Apr 2019 tomocchi

Hello, it’s Tomocchi! ☆



“So Many Colors in the Future What a Wonderful World” is an anime set in Nagasaki City! It’s


been on regular TV (NBC) here in Nagasaki from January this year.



Official Website:


Special Webpage on the Nagasaki Prefectural Tourism Website “Nagasaki Tabinet” (in






I’d like to tell you more about the “Forest Witch Cafe”, which appears in the show as the “Magic



Shop” where lead character Hitomi stays.









“Forest Witch Cafe” is a very popular cafe that’s actually located in the Kinkai area of Nagasaki



City. () It’s a little hideaway with beautiful scenery and a very peaceful atmosphere.


The two owl statues at the entrance are exactly like in the show!!


With great views of the ocean and lots of antiques, it’s a perfect fit for the “Magic Shop”.







The antique furniture is judiciously arranged inside the store, and with jazz softly playing, it



definitely has a grown-up feel to it. There are even mysterious ornaments that look as if they



could be magic lamps. (When I visited, it was Christmas-time, so they had a Christmas Tree up.)






And the beautiful scenery of Omura Bay unfolds below you!






【Advance Booking Required】 The Witch’s Original Lunch Course (¥1,500 + Tax)



Appetizer, Soup, Main (Choose from either Curry or Pasta), Dessert (Coffee included)




The vegetables are pesticide-free and home-grown in the field behind the cafe. There are lots of



great touches, with the rice also grown by local farmers. The menu is filled with lots of dishes



which bring out the best of the vegetables’ flavors.




Since I was able to choose from curry or pasta, this time I went with the popular curry as my



choice. This smooth and rich European-style curry is rich in the umami of beef! The spicy paste



and Japanese scallions are also home-made.



The coffee jelly dessert perfectly balances sweetness and bitterness for a grown-up taste. The



bitterness of the coffee bean garnish also add a nice accent. The ice-cream has the perfect level of



creaminess that gives the dish a really high-quality taste, and goes perfectly with the home-made



apple cinnamon jam.



And right behind the restaurant is the “Witch’s Cafe”, which is run by the wife of the owner.





There’s a signed panel from the voice-actor who played the lead character, Hitomi, and even a



guestbook for visitors who are coming to visit locations from the anime.




Open the guestbook, and you’ll see lots of messages from fans who’ve come from all around the




Why not step into the world of the anime “So Many Colors in the Future What a Wonderful



World” with the beautiful scenery and peaceful atmosphere at the cafe that is the model for the



“Magic Shop”.




【Forest Witch Cafe】




Address: Nishiumi-machi 138-2, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture.




TEL: 095-884-0014




※ Please make a reservation before you visit.




※ There are a limited number of parking spots, so please check when you call to reserve. Official








【Anime: “So Many Colors in the Future What a Wonderful World”】




◯ Broadcast Information (Nagasaki Area)




Nagasaki Broadcasting Company (NBC) – On air very early on Monday Morning (1:50AM) from



January 6th, 2019.



※ This show has also been available on Amazon Prime Video since October 5th in advance of the



TV broadcast, both in Japan and overseas!




※ Not available in mainland China.



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