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Nagasaki Castella and Fresh Soft Serve at New York Do

25Jun 2018 tomocchi

Hello! It’s Tomocchi☆



So, the sweaty season is finally here.

It makes me want cold sweets!!

That’s why this time I want to tell you about the ‘Nagasaki Castella and

Fresh Soft Serve’ that’s making a splash in the city!



New York Do is in Nagasaki City’s All-Core Nakadoori.

It’s very close to Spectacles Bridge, one of the most iconic tourist spots in the city.



This shop was started in 1937 as one for western sweets, and for more than 50 years their ice cream has been hand-made in a workshop right behind it.

The soft-serve at New York Do has been loved by locals for decades, but it became known across Japan last June when a popular TV program picked up its story!! It’s become so popular that there are lines on the weekend!!



The program showed the soft serve being eaten by being sandwiched between two pieces of castella which looked delicious. I saw tourists eating it in that way and it seemed a bit cumbersome.



So, to make the treat into something you could eat while walking, as of last October they now put it in a small bag that you can hold in the palm of your hand.

Here is that popular innovation.




Nagasaki Castella and Fresh Soft Serve (400yen)

Doesn’t it look amazing!?



This treat is fresh soft serve made right behind the store, sandwiched between two pieces of Nagasaki’s iconic castella cake, and garnished with a cookie.



This sweet is so Nagasaki!! And you bet it’s popular!!



This soft serve is made with Taiyou-tamago eggs from Nagasaki.
It’s silky smooth and melts slowly in your mouth
(This company makes even the ingredients for the ice cream from scratch!)



The castella, with its generous helping of granulated sugar, and the crunchy cookie are both also made in the workshop behind the shop.



As for ice cream flavors, they have: Vanilla, matcha, red bean, loquat, chocolate, strawberry, apricot seed, and whatever others they might be making at the workshop. They don’t have all the flavors all the time, so the available choices will depend on when you visit. But, that’s one of the fun parts of this shop.



The rich vanilla flavor is the most popular, but the red beans are cooked right there in the shop, and the loquats are locally sourced, so each of the flavors has been crafted with care and superb effort!!





The shop is not far from Nagasaki’s iconic Spectacles Bridge.

Nagasaki locals and tourists alike, why not treat yourself to a delicious Nagasaki Castella and Fresh Soft Serve in this hot weather?





New York Do

Address: 3-17 Furukawa-machi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, 850-0851

TEL: 095-822-4875

Open year-round except for around the New Year Holidays

* However, Nagasaki Castella Soft Serve is available everyday but Tuesday, 11:00 – 17:00 (until 16:30 on Sundays)





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