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Miss Tsuru’s Coffee

25Apr 2018 tomocchi


Hello! It’s Tomocchi ☆

At the end of last year, a shop opened up where you can enjoy hand-dripped coffee and freshly made waffles while taking in a view of Spectacles Bridge.












It’s located near Spectacles Bridge, the prominent tourist destination (on the Allcore Nakadoori side of the river). It’s on the first floor of the sharp-cornered building on the corner.


The name of the shop comes from Miss Awajiya Tsuru, who was the woman to whom Thomas Glover fell in love with. Thomas Glover was a Scottish trader based in Nagasaki’s Minamiyamate in the mid-1800s.



Coffee was introduced to Japan through Nagasaki, so it’s easy to imagine that the real Miss Tsuru brewed at least a few delicious mugs of coffee for her lover, Glover ♪














This shop’s signature item is hand dripped coffee made delicately with freshly ground beans.



The most popular menu item: Miss Tsuru’s Coffee (450 yen)

It’s a blend of five different coffee beans with Columbian and Brazilian varieties as the base. It’s neither too bitter nor too acidic so even people who aren’t big fans of coffee can enjoy it to the last drop.




Fruit and Custard Waffle (550 yen)



A hot-off-the-iron waffle topped with fresh fruit and custard ♪

This thick and fragrant waffle is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I recommend dipping it in custard cream and eating it while it’s hot.



They make the batter for the waffles in-house. The waffle batter is not merely poured into the correct shape, but rather pressed and cooked in the Belgian style. The balance of unrefined and powdered sugar in the recipe allows the light insides to stay moist.




Guests can see Spectacles Bridge from this counter.

In the evening, it becomes quite romantic with the setting sun coming through the window ♪




Also for sale are coffee beans, original high-quality chocolate, and drippers, mugs and plates made of Hasami Pottery. There are also books related to Thomas Glover and other books related to the foreign settlements in Nagasaki.



You can make delicious coffee with the drippers and mugs made of Hasami Pottery, and they make great Nagasaki souvenirs.




This casual shop is easy for locals and tourists alike to drop into.

They also offer their items to-go, so why not take a leisurely walk around Spectacles Bridge with a freshly made coffee in one hand?

Or maybe drop into Miss Tsuru’s Coffee for a nice little sit down?





Miss Tsuru’s Coffee

Address: 6-27 Suwa-machi 1st Floor, Nagasaki City

TEL: 095-895-5601

Hours: 10am to 8pm

Closed: New Year’s Day