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Huis Ten Bosch’s “Robot Kingdom”

31Aug 2016 tomocchi

Hello! It’s Tomocchi ☆

This summer in Huis Ten Bosch in Sasebo City, a place where visitors can see and interact with robots from all over the world has opened called the “Robot Kingdom”!





Whoa! That robot is making okonomiyaki! \(◎o◎)/





This is the “Henn-na Restaurant” inside the Robot Kingdom.

Inside there are 10 varieties of robots, with 30 in all operating this restaurant!

Robots act as the restaurant manager, the concierge, the chefs, and the bus boys! It’s like something out of a fantasy! It’s like you’re vacationing in the future! (*´∀`*)












This is Andrew, the main chef. He uses two spatulas to flip the okonomiyaki and will also add the sauce, mayo, and aonori and then will serve it up on a place for you! He nearly makes me jealous with how coordinated he is, haha!












On the left is “Yasukawa-kun” who makes soft-serve. His hands never shake so he’s always able to make the soft-serve into the perfect shape. Guests can choose from three different toppings.




On the right is “Daneel” who is a master shaker. He can make over 18 drinks, both alcoholic and not! His refined demeanor perfectly reflects his bartender programming ★


Along with these two, there are three more robots that make food including fried rice as well as donuts!





And that’s not to mention the robot hosts that also work here.

On the left we have “Bakers” who is a concierge. He can wow you with his expert recommendations ♪




In the middle is “Jameson” who is the host that will lead you all the way to your seat. When the restaurant is full he’ll call out when you’re table is ready. He’s got the job down pat!




On the right, looking like a power ranger, is “Corasant”. I heard that his name is a play on words in Sasebo’s local dialect, lol.





The blacklight really adds to the futuristic atmosphere.


And after you’re done eating “Sauzer” will come and collect your used dishes ★

On every table is a robot called “Tabia” who will talk to you while you have your meal ♪ He understands over 1000 words!



I said to him in Japanese, “It sure is hot today, isn’t it?” He responded so kindly! “Well, make sure to stay hydrated so you don’t get heat-stroke.” I was so moved ( ;∀;)




The Henn-na Restaurant is a buffet. Here are the prices they listed (but they were special prices for their grand opening).

– Adults (13 y/o and up): Lunch ¥1,980 / Dinner ¥2,980

– Children: Lunch ¥1,000 / Dinner ¥1,800

– Children under 5 y/o: Lunch or Dinner ¥500



Ah, now that my belly is full it’s time to dive into the Robot House!!






They have a huge Patlabor right at the entrance! (゚д゚) This is the first of its size in the world! It’s over nine meters tall!







First I want to visit the “Gundam Special Theatre” where you can see several generations of your favorite Gundam heroes on a giant screen ((o(´∀`)o))

It has three screens which have a total width of 27 meters and height of seven meters. The movie that you watch there is only available in that theatre! It’ll be playing there until February 28th, 2017.




There are lots of other things to do there as well like see intricately made Gundam models and try on the uniforms of the Earth Federation Force and take pictures! They have plenty of rare goods at their gift shop as well as a Gundam Café ★



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Waa! \(◎o◎)/ The robots are doing calisthenics! They did a very intricate, yet comical dance ★




The Robot House has not only the most cutting-edge of robots, but they also have a museum where guests can control them themselves! You can control small robots to play a soccer game!




Also, the Robot Shop has the largest selection of robots in all of Japan! The prices range from ¥2,000 all the way up to ¥100,000!

Robot House Supervisor: Robotto Yuenchi      Okamoto Masayuki





At the “Children’s Robot House” kids can enjoy battling in ridable robots (^-^)






The Henn-na Hotel that opened last summer is the first hotel in the world to be staffed by robots and appears to be quite popular!

Wouldn’t you like to come and experience a world of cutting-edge fun and excitement at Huis Ten Bosch’s Robot Kingdom? ☆






Huis Ten Bosch

Address: 1-1 Huis Ten Bosch Machi, Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture 859-3292

TEL: 0570-064-110 Hours: 9:00~22:00 (Last entrance at 21:00)

※These hours change depending on the time of year.