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Heart-shaped Yusenpei ❤ “Happy Oyuppi”

15Jan 2016 tomocchi



Hello! It’s Tomocchi☆

A cute, heart-shaped Yusenpei has come out!

This is a new take on a staple souvenir sweet cracker from the Obama hot springs area





The calming likeness of “Oyuppi,” the Obama Hotspring area’s costumed mascot pictured above, adorns the yusenpei. The treat itself is crunchy with a gentle sweetness.❤



The original designer of the treat was Ms. Morisaki Yuki, a mother of three and the daughter of owners of the longstanding souvenir shop Shindou Senpeiten.



They still make every yusenpei by hand so that each one is cute and brightens your day.





They let me look at the workshop inside their store.

These are the machines that press the yusenpei.





Ms. Morisaki’s scissor-work is top-notch!

All the yusenpei came out identical even as she made them right before my eyes.





These kids’ size “BABY SENPEI” are quite new as well.

Ms. Morisaki said that her parenting experiences led her to the design. Each one is easy for kids to hold and has rounded corners, as opposed to the usually sharply defined corners of other senpei.





These are the traditional “Yusenpei.”

Inside this retro package are round yusenpei, each 10cm in diameter.


The only ingredients of yusenpei are eggs that were boiled in hot springs, flour, and sugar, so you know they can be given to kids without worrying about additives or preservatives ヾ(o´∀`o)ノ


These handmade yusenpei warm the heart.

Wouldn’t they make a great souvenir from Unzen?

I hear that they’re so popular that they sell out everyday before noon, so get yours while you can!





Shindou Senpeiten

862 Kitahon-machi, Obama-cho, Unzen city, Nagasaki Prefecture

TEL: 0957-74-2321

◆Heart-shaped Yusenpei “Happy Oyuppi” (Package of 6 for 330 yen)

◆BABY SENPEI (Package of 10 for 100 yen)

Yusenpei (Package of 15 for 540 yen)


Information on the Obama Onsen are is here at Nagasaki-tabinet↓

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