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Ichiba-Don at the Tsukimachi Market, Nagasaki’s Kitchen

11Aug 2015 tomocchi


Somewhere in downtown Nagasaki, a long line of people are queuing for lunch…

What are they here for?



The answer is ‘Ichiba-Don’ – this foodie event is held at lunchtime on every first and third Friday, in Tsukimachi Market (inside Meruka Tsukimachi), rightly known as the ‘kitchen’ of Nagasaki.





Sea bream, horse mackerel, octopus…

Here you can take your pick from seafood freshly caught in the waters of Nagasaki, and arrange them as a topping for your own rice bowl (donburi).

For between ¥500 and ¥1000, you can prepare a rice bowl fit for a king!



There is even free coffee and tea! (*≧∀≦*)




First, pay ¥100 and receive a bowl of nicely-cooked rice.

Then, buy whatever you want from the stalls in the market and lay it on the rice.



All 22 stores in the market participate in the Ichiba-Don scheme, so you can buy not only fish but also steak, fruit, side dishes, and much more. (´∀`)



This store is selling packs of sashimi (sliced raw fish) contained 4 or 5 slices, for just ¥110!



Homemade miso soup with horse-mackerel paste is just ¥80!

This cheap and tasty combo sells out in an instant!!



Watermelon production is booming in Nagasaki.

How about getting a sweet-looking one for dessert? ♪ 1 pack is ¥200.



The Ichiba-Don event started in October 2010.

At first, most of the customers were workers from nearby offices, but over time, word spread, popularity increased, and these days you can find many diners from outside of Nagasaki Prefecture or even from overseas!




Of course, it’s fine to go to Ichiba-Don on your own, but I recommend going with a friend or several, buying lots of things, and sharing! (^-^)





Ichiba-Don is held every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, from 11:30 to 14:00.

Put it in your diary, adjust your schedule, and get yourself to Ichiba-Don for a delicious lunchtime experience!! ☆





Ichiba-Don at Meruka Tsukimachi
Dates: 1st and 3rd Fridays, every month
Times: 11:30 – 14:00
Place: Tsukimachi Market, B1 floor, Meruka Tsukimachi
Enquiries: Nagasaki Tsukimachi Market Cooperative
Address: 3-18 Tsukimachi, Nagasaki City
Tel: 095-824-5751




  • Kai wrote:

    • Oh!! I want to go there soon! It’s so reasonable!!
      Thank you for sharing!

    • 2015/08/21 at 11:10
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