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Ishokuya Ichiryuu

24Dec 2013 tomocchi

Brrrr… it’s getting chilly, isn’t it!  ((´д`))
When the weather gets colder, I get an irresistible craving for nabe casseroles and chanpon




Chanpon was originally dreamed up as a cheap and nutritious meal for Chinese students in Nagasaki.



The dish, consisting of noodles with plenty of vegetables, pork and seafood, now reigns supreme as the top dog of Nagasaki’s gourmet offerings.



This time, I’d like to tell you about a chanpon restaurant called Ishokuya Ichiryuu.



The restaurant can be found near to the diagonal elevator, the Glover Skyroad, which carries visitors up to Glover Garden.



Ichiryuu has a history of over 40 years, and has long been loved by the local people, but in recent years, large numbers of tourists have begun visiting to taste their chanpon.




This is the most popular meal:
Ichiryuu set (¥900)



It’s a special set meal consisting of a “70% chanpon” (seven-tenths normal size), a kakuni manjuu (slowly simmered pork in a steamed bun) and a homemade custard pudding (*^^*)




I was so happy to be able to eat two Nagasaki delicacies in one meal: the chanpon and the kakuni manjuu. ♪
The addition of the dessert definitely earned top marks from me, too! 




Chanpon is made from a light pork and chicken-bone broth.

Although this serving is only 70% of regular size, the volume is still quite reasonable.



Apparently customers often exclaim “Huh?! Is this really only 70%?” 




This is the perfect season for eating chanpon, and it’s only going to get more delicious as the days grow colder. (* ̄∇ ̄*)

It’s also great as a meal to fill yourself up before heading to Glover Garden.







Ishokuya Ichiryuu

Address:  3-14 Aioimachi, Nagasaki City
Tel:  095-826-8755
Opening hours:  11:00~22:00
Closed:  Thursdays


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