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20Sep 2011 tomocchi

Make friends with people from all over the world!


An English-language area has been completed at Huis Ten Bosch, called “English Square.”

A part of it was open to the public in March this year, but the new facilities have now taken it to the next level entirely!


The highlight is, of course, the Watermark Hotel Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch, which uses English as its official language.



It’s a hotel built around the concept of “a foreign country withinJapan,” where hotel signs and conversations with staff all use English, and forty percent of the staff are non-Japanese.


Then there is the new themed facility, “TOMODACHI Factory,” where you can familiarise yourself with English whilst enjoying the attractions.




Here you can, at first, purchase tickets in a set of 6 or 11. Hand over a ticket at each attraction and enjoy!


The attractions include…


“Little Market”



Try shopping in English! Tell the shop assistants what you want from among the items on display.


Next…are some people who are in costume for some reason…



This is the TOMODACHI Actors corner.


Here you can enjoy English conversations with actors dressed up as, left to right, a doctor, an explorer and a school teacher.




Don’t worry if you can’t speak English well.

What’s important is familiarising yourself with English.


There’s also “Basketball Coaching,” where you can get used to English while being taught how to play basketball.




The coach is a former senior member of an Olympic team!

With him you can learn real English and pro-basketball at the same time!


There are many people out there who might feel a little nervous when they think about being forced to speak English, but experiencing genuine English through play and communication is very important.


Come and enjoy the atmosphere and language of a foreign country as if you’re really there, at Huis Ten Bosch.





Venue: Huis Ten Bosch Free Zone

Opening Hours:10:00 – 20:00


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