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Chirin Chirin Ice-cream

05Sep 2011 tomocchi

When it’s hot, what you want to eat is ice-cream!

Speaking of ice-cream in Nagasaki, there’s chirin chirin ice-cream!


Chirin chirin ice-cream is sold at various tourist spots and other such places within the city, and this time I’ve come toSpectaclesBridge.




Both adults and children love the refreshing, sorbet-like taste.




When I was in elementary school, I really looked forward to the chirin chirin ice-cream cart coming and being bought an ice-cream.


The name “chirin chirin ice-cream” comes from the chirin chirin (ting-a-ling) of the bell that would sound when it was being sold. The bell has a pleasant tone that somehow lures you out!




Skilled hands dish up the ice-cream into a cone.




The beautiful rose-like ice-cream is complete!


Chirin chirin ice-cream, 100 yen.




It didn’t look this fancy when I was little…


I heard that they started to make this rose-shaped ice-cream about 3-4 years ago, not because they thought to themselves “Let’s make a rose!” but because there were many children who dropped their ice-cream, and when they pushed down the ice-cream more firmly it made the shape of a rose.


There were definitely kids who, ecstatic at being bought an ice-cream, would try to race home and soon dropped it.


Incidentally, the people working atSpectaclesBridgeare known to have the highest skill in making beautiful rose ice-cream!


However, they’re not there everyday, so if you come across a sky-blue parasol atSpectaclesBridge, go ahead and request your ice-cream “shaped like a rose.”





【Chirin chirin ice-cream】

Address: Uonomachi,Nagasakicity, (nearSpectaclesBridge)

Business Hours:09:00-17:00

Holidays: Irregular (except when it’s raining)

Chirin chirin ice-cream, 100 yen.



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