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Kyushu ‘Olle’ Trail – The Hirado Course

23Apr 2013 tomocchi

The original ‘olle’ is the Jeju Olle Trail, a long-distance footpath on the South Korean island of Jeju. This popular trekking course now has a Kyushu version: the Kyushu Olle! 




‘Olle’ is a word in the Jeju Island dialect, which refers to a narrow pathway that runs from the street to the front gate of a house. 




On Jeju Island, you can experience the rich natural environment of the coastline and mountains with all five senses, while walking at your own pace. The trail is very popular!




Just like Jeju, Kyushu is blessed with natural beauty, and is perfect for walking while enjoying spectacular views ☆




Walkers can enjoy strolling through Kyushu on 8 trekking courses that take in nature, hot springs, history and more.




One of the 8 courses opened in February 2013, in Hirado \(^▽^)/




It is Nagasaki Prefecture’s first certified Olle Trail.

The main attractions of the Hirado course are, most of all, history and nature.

Starting from Hirado Exchange Plaza the route passes through the Jouka-machi area near the castle, heading for Kawachi Pass ε=┏(^-^)┛





To walk an Olle Trail, there is no registration required – just turn up and walk as you please.




Along the way there are various kinds of signs used to point the way, so be careful not to miss them ♪










Markings on stones




The Olle logo is based on the gansae, a type of wild pony native to Jeju. Here is a gansae showing the way – its head points in the direction of the path. 





We have come to a place, in the midst of a dense bamboo forest, where stone steps and Jizo statues line up, enveloped in the silence and stillness.





Saikyouji Temple




Up until now, it’s been just like a light stroll through town, but what’s this?! The arrow is pointing straight up the mountain!





Even heading up the mountain, the terrain is not too difficult. Don’t worry!





There! We are nearly at Kawachi Pass.





On the day of our trek, the weather was foggy, but we made it safely to the top.





Here is a picture of Kawachi Pass on a sunny day – it’s beautiful!





To the east, you can see the 99 Islands (Kujukushima), and to the north, the Genkai Sea. On a clear day, you can even glimpse the islands of Iki and Tsushima in the far distance.



The Olle course runs up to the top of Kawachi Pass, and once you have had your fill of the panorama over northern Hirado, you can descend again and see the Pass from below.




Now we are on our way back from Kawachi Pass to the centre of Hirado.



St. Francis Xavier Memorial Church




A view of the temple and the church.



Everyone on the walk took a lot of photographs of this typical Hirado scene.



Hirado Dutch Trading House




At the end of the course is a special relaxation spot ♪
Hirado Onsen Hand & Foot Baths!




After the long trek, it was wonderful to rest our tired feet in the bath (*´ ▽`*)
It was very soothing!




The Kyushu Olle ~ Hirado Course is fully loaded with abundant nature, churches and history.



Walking around Hirado, you can make new discoveries that regular tourists would miss ^^






【Kyushu Olle ~ Hirado Course】



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