Nagayo Sweets

17Dec 2014 tomocchi

  The other day I went looking for a Christmas cake… not really! I had just heard the buzz that there were some sweet treats worth checking out, and ventured over to Nagayo  (^▽^)/ 



  A:one Cake Shop (pronounced like A-1)



  This popular confectioner in Nagayo offers a huge range of tasty delights, from fresh cream cakes to baked goods. 


Once I had a basket in my hand, I couldn’t stop myself from picking out delicious-looking cakes, one after another.



  A first venture into the world of confectionary was held in Nagayo in 2012, with the ‘Nagayo Sweets Festa 2012’. The festival includes a confectionary contest designed to find some new souvenir sweets for Nagayo Town.



The products which passed the strict scrutiny of the judging panel and won the contest then underwent a year of product development to reach commercialization.


The first product to go on sale is sold by A:one.



Nagayo Mandarin Orange Chocolate Cake: ¥180 each




  One of Nagayo’s noted local products is the mikan, a mandarin orange.

The town even has a mikan-like mascot character called ‘Mikkun’.



  The chocolate cake’s special recipe includes mikan orange peel and orange sauce.

The chocolate used in the cake was brought specially from France, having been carefully selected by the chef, who needed a chocolate that would go well with the mikan.



  Orange peel and chocolate is not an unusual combination, but I don’t believe I have ever seen mikan and chocolate.

You can catch glimpses of the mikan peel in amongst the moist velvety chocolate cake.



Here is another sweet spot in Nagayo: ‘Waltz no Mori Hisaya’




  The shop sells both Japanese and Western sweets, so one visit is doubly delicious ♪

The range of goods on offer includes Nagayo specialities in Japanese and Western styles!



Left: Cheese tart ‘Mikkun no Okurimono’ (‘a gift from Mikkun’): ¥227 each

Right: ‘Mikan no Machi’ Japanese sweet: ¥175 each



  At first glance I thought that the cheese tart would have a strong cheesy flavour, but in fact the flavour of the mikan stands out clearly, in excellent balance with the cheese ♪

In contrast to oranges, mikans are much less sour, and very easy to eat (^-^)




  The ‘Mikan no Machi’ (‘mikan town’) has a gentle sweetness, and leaves a pleasantly fragrant orangey aftertaste. This Japanese sweet is appealing not only in appearance but also in flavour.




  Mikan oranges can be eaten as they are, but why not try them in a new and stylish way with these Nagayo mikan sweets? 






A:one Cake Shop

Address: 435 Urerigou, NagayoTown

Opening hours: 9:30 – 19:00

Closed: Tuesdays



Waltz no Mori Hisaya

Address: 460-1 Urerigou, NagayoTown

Opening hours: 9:00 – 20:00

Closed: No scheduled day







Come Try OmuraZushi!

17Sep 2014 Kai

OmuraZushi has always been a favorite of mine. Its perfect balance of sweet and salty has me addicted! Whether I am having a house party, relaxing at home by myself or going on a drive, OmuraZushi is always satisfying.

OmuraZushi is made from simple elements that build into something beautiful. The vinegar rice is the foundation (命). Sugar is the sweet kindness deserved by all. Carrots and Gobo root stability in our journey forward. The modest appearance yet deep flavors of shiitake and kanpyo show inner strength and morals. Like a kimono, delicate strips of egg reveal our personality and taste. Vibrant hanpen celebrates our unique attributes.

Like a perfect symphony, OmuraZushi comes together and forms a well-rounded expression of harmony.

Kaisen Ichiba Mushigama-ya

14Jul 2014 tomocchi

Hello! Today I would like to introduce to you a new store that has opened up in Obama Onsen, near to ‘Hot Foot 105’, the longest foot bath in Japan. ‘Kaisen Ichiba Mushigama-ya’ opened on March 2nd, 2014. ‘Kaisen Ichiba’ means ‘seafood market’, and a ‘mushigama’ is a pot for steaming. (*゚▽゚)ノ



I had so much fun here, I can’t wait to go again! It’s just like going to a hot spring bath! Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but this store is pretty special – a delicious do-it-yourself eating experience ♪




Steam billows out of the front of the store. 14 steaming pots, fuelled by the boiling waters of the Obama hot spring, stand ready for use!



The line-up of food here includes fresh seafood caught off Obama’s seashore and locally-grown vegetables, alongside an abundance of seasonal products from sea and land. All can be cooked and eaten fresh from the steaming pots. There has never been a restaurant quite like this!




Self-service steaming pots are also available beside the Hoot Foot 105 bath, but this store’s selling point is definitely the huge range of food available.

The first thing to catch the eye when you enter the store is the tank, jumping with live fish.

The fish can be steamed, of course, or you can ask the staff to prepare sashimi (sliced raw fish) for you. \(^▽^)/




There is abalone… turban shell… various clams… even crab! So much tasty seafood!




There are even convenient ready-to-cook sets on sale! And they include a dessert – a steamed pudding!



Cabbage and spinach and potatoes and tomatoes… oh my!

I’ve heard that the cabbage is delicious steamed whole, if you dare!
My favorite is tomato. Steamed tomatoes are so sweet and delightful (≧∇≦)



First choose your ingredients, and then pay for them at the cash desk. Then, the staff will steam them for you.




Different items take different amounts of time to steam, so the cooks use a timer.

When the timer sounds, you can go and get your food ♪




It’s ready! ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ




Steamed food is not only healthy – the volume of vegetables and other items decreases when steamed, so it’s easier to eat much more!




Delicious fresh ingredients, the pride of Obama, steamed to perfection!




Set meals and specially-made fresh seafood rice bowls are available too, so you are sure to find something to tickle your tastebuds.







Kaisen Ichiba Mushigamaya

Address: 19-2 Obamacho Marina, UnzenCity, NagasakiPrefecture

Opening hours: 9:00 – 21:00

Closed: no regular closing day; occasionally closed for cleaning of hot spring source

Tel: 0957-75-0077


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Happoutei (八峰亭), a Japanese-style ramen restaurant in Taiwan.

28Feb 2014 teddykao0604




Hello! How are you doing? Today, I would like to introduce to you something interesting about a ramen restaurant in Taiwan. This ramen restaurant, located in TainanCity, has a good reputation in Taiwan. However, that is not the point that I want to talk about. The interesting thing about this restaurant is that the boss has limited himself to cook just 80 dishes of ramen per day. This quota means that there is always a long line in front of the store.



Furthermore, the trade hours of the restaurant total just 6 hours: 3 hours for lunchtime, and the others for dinnertime. Also, the ramen has a really great taste. It’s pretty yummy! The spring onions and plenty of garlic go wonderfully with the pork-bone broth. Sounds good, doesn’t it? You may be wondering, “Is there any part of this report that is related to Nagasaki?”. I will say ”yes”. The Taiwanese boss has learnt his ramen cooking skills from a Japanese chef who is from Nagasaki, adding a Nagasaki “character” to the ramen. :) So, if you get the opportunity, how about trying some ramen in Taiwan? I’m sure you’ll find the food interesting, especially the Taiwanese style which is similar to Japanese but also different :)




A kind of Japanese style ramen restaurant which called Happoutei(八峰亭) in Formosa.

27Feb 2014 teddykao0604


Hi mate!How r you going?Today,please let me introduce something interesting about a ramen restaurant in Formosa to u guys.This ramen restaurant where has a good repute in Tainan city of Formosa.However,its not the point what Im gunna talk.The point is that the boss limited himself to cook 80 set of ramen

for per day just like quota restrictions,so that its always been a long line in front of there.

By the way,the trade hours of the restaurant has just 6 hours in totall.3 hours for lunch times and the others for dinner time.Also,its really great taste.Pretty yummy!The spring onions and garlic in plenty  go wonderfully well with the  pork bone broth.Sounds cool,isnt it? Ok, maybe some mate will ask me that” Is there any part of this report related to Nagasaki?I will say ”yes”.The Taiwanese boss has learnt the ramen cooking skills and got a ” peculiarity” from a Japanese chef who’s from Nagasaki:)Anyway,what about trying a ramen in Formosa if u guys got an opportunity?That would be made u feel something interesting about the food or Taiwanes style which is  similar to Japanes but also different:)


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