We hereby announce the ‘Tour Planning Contest’!

18Jan 2013 Nagasaki-Ken



We hereby announce the ‘Tour Planning Contest’, open to foreigners with a connection to Nagasaki Prefecture: imagine yourself as a tour guide, and plan a trip within Nagasaki Prefecture! It could be anything, from a trip around the main tourist sites, to a relaxing break on one of the islands. We look forward to receiving many unique and characterful tour plans!




‘A friend from your home country is visiting Nagasaki Prefecture for the first time. You will act as their tour guide for a 2-day (1-night) trip to show them some of the best of Nagasaki. Where will you take them? Draw up a plan for your ideal tour of Nagasaki Prefecture.’



Top Prize: Your tour will come true, for you and a friend!

・ The Nagasaki Prefectural Government, Asian and International Policy Division will cover

    the cost of transportation (on public transport), accommodation and entrance into

    attractions. Food expenses and so on will be the responsibility of the prizewinner.

・ The prizewinner’s companion does not have to be a friend from their home country.

    However, if the participant and/or the companion live outside of Nagasaki Prefecture, they

    must bear the transport costs as far as Nagasaki.


Runner-up Prize: 5 x Nagasaki local-produce gifts

(Nagasaki Rice, Set of Nagasaki noodle dishes Champon and Sara-udon, Set of frozen Sasebo Burgers, Kakuni Manju (pork-belly steamed buns), Nagasaki Beef Croquettes)

   ※   Prizes will be distributed among the 5 runners-up by randomized draw.


《How to apply》

Ⅰ] Become a member
To participate in the contest, you must be a member of the Dejima Network website. If you are already a member, proceed to step II.

   ※ If you are not a member, click here to sign up.

Ⅱ] Submit your application form

Please send your application form as an attachment by email to the Dejima Network  (, with “Contest application” in the subject line.

★ Application Form Download here.
★ The example application for guidance here.


《Application deadline》

Monday 18th February 2013


《Judging and announcement of results》

・ The results of the strictly impartial judging will be announced on the Dejima Network


・ The winner and runners-up will also be notified separately by email.




・   A tour plan must be the complete work of the person submitting it, and as-yet

    unpublished. The route of the tour must be entirely contained within Nagasaki Prefecture.

・ There is no limit to the number of entries per person (1 entrant can submit any number of

    tour plans).

・ In the section where you describe the tour route, please also fill in the time required and

    means of transport used.

・ Please enter an approximate figure for the cost of the tour (including transport costs,  

    accommodation costs, entry fees for attractions and so on).

・ You may fill in the application form in one of four languages: English, Chinese, Korean or


・ The layout of your application is entirely up to you. Feel free to illustrate your plan using

    photographs or drawings, and to use the example application for guidance.



Nagasaki Prefectural Government, Asian and International Policy Division(



The winners of DEJIMA NETWORK membership campaign is announced!

11Dec 2012 Nagasaki-Ken

The winners of DEJIMA NETWORK membership campaign(¥1,000 book vouchers) is announced!

Winners will be notified separately by email.



(User ID)

・choyujin0   ・dang18hl   ・ely17   ・fan   ・Fi Manning


・fradisci86   ・hye   ・Ilaria   ・jeremie   ・joecanada 


・jppqqj   ・kimboreum   ・king12248   ・lamany   ・lili


・limobai   ・matthew   ・MowlToove   ・naing lin   ・njh3890


・ploetcj   ・potokalyssa   ・Rmason19   ・smileesky   ・tanmu


・Wangxin0819   ・xingxing   ・yjschy   ・zhhx   ・Zhou lei






We are looking for new members – anyone with a connection to Nagasaki Prefecture, whether or not you live here, is welcome to join!

26Oct 2012 Nagasaki-Ken

  We are looking for new members – anyone with a connection to Nagasaki Prefecture, whether or not you live here, is welcome to join!


All new members who sign up during the campaign period will be entered into a prize draw to win one of 30 ¥1000 book vouchers!



※sample design; actual design may differ



Please register here and we will inform you via email of information on Nagasaki and of the latest updates from this website.

As an example → ‘Dejima Network Email’



If you are already a member, please tell your friends and acquaintances who do not yet know about the Dejima Network to sign up!



■ The prize draw is open to non-Japanese people with a connection to Nagasaki Prefecture who sign up as new members.


■ How to sign up:

Access the ‘Dejima Network member registration page(NAGASAKI VISITORS’ BOOK)’ and fill in your name, email address and other necessary details.


※ Please note: the prize draw is only open to those who sign up as new members during the campaign period. Thank you for your understanding.

※ We plan to hold a campaign soon for those who are already members. Don’t miss it!


■ Campaign period

Friday, October 26th to Monday, December 10th 2012


■ Prize draw and announcement of winners

・ The prize draw will be strictly impartial. The winners’ User IDs (as entered during registration) will be published on the Dejima Network website.

・ Winners will be notified separately by email.


■ Enquiries

 Nagasaki Prefectural Government Asian and International Policy Division(

Public Sightseeing Facilities are FREE for International Students

21Sep 2012 Nagasaki-Ken

The following sightseeing facilities have free entry for international students.






Nagasaki Prefecture


   ●Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum (Permanent Exhibition)

   ●Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture (Permanent Exhibition)



Nagasaki City


   ●Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

   ●Dr.Takashi Nagai Memorial Museum

   ●Glover Garden



   ●Former Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Nagasaki Branch Museum

   ●Bekko Crafts Museum

   ●Museum of Old Photographs & Unearthed Artifacts

   ●Kameyama Shachu Memorial Museum

   ●Hashima (Battleship Island) Tour Facilities (Does not include cost of boat to the island)

   ●Yataro Noguchi Art Gallery

   ●Suka Gogodo Art Gallery

   ●Naka no Chaya (Kon Shimizu Exhibition Hall)

   ●Siebold Memorial Museum

   ●Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium

   ●Science Museum

   ●Endo Shusaku Literary Museum

   ●Father de Rotz Memorial Hall

   ●Sotome Museum of History and Folklore

   ●Sotome Children’s Museum




The winners of photo contest is announced!

01Aug 2012 Nagasaki-Ken


The winners of photo contest is announced!


      A trip for two to Goto(1 pair)



     名  前:高 俊霞(中国)

     (Name : Gao Jun xia (China))


     (Title : It also has a great waterfall in Nagasaki)



          Admission Tickets for Huis Ten Bosch(3 pairs)



Name : Sue Ann Simon                                          Name : Audrey Akcasu (USA)

              (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)   

Title :  Smile – Sasebo Yosakoi                               Title : Rice and Flowers,Hasami



名  前:韓 進(韓国)

(Name : Han Jin (Korea))


(Title : Flowers and Isahaya Megane Bridge )






           Assortment of produce from Nagasaki Prefecture(for 10 people)




名  前 : 陳 羅根(中国)                  名  前 : 陳 暁慧(中国)

(Name : Chen Luo gen (China))                    (Name : Chen Xiao hui)

タイトル:秋のウエスレヤン大学                       タイトル:長崎水族館―やばい、超眠い~

(Title : Wesleyan University in Fall )      (Title : Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium- I’m SO sleepy)



名  前:李 国銘(中国)                                     名  前:孫 曉萌(中国)

(Name : Li Guo ming)                       (Name : Sun Xiao meng)

タイトル:長崎市 孔子廟                                     タイトル:平和の虹

(Title : Nagasaki Confucius’s Mausoleum)           (Title : Peaceful Rainbow)




名  前:鄭 楊林(中国)                                   Name : Andrey Bychkov(Russia)

(Name : Zheng Yang lim)                    Title : sakura branch

タイトル:島原 鯉の町 鯉・水                                     

(Title : Shimabara -Carps and Water)     




Name : Jean Davis (UK)                                  Name : Paul Coates (UK)                        

Title : Obon festival captured                          Title : Goto Islands



名  前:金 銀淑(韓国)                                 Name : Danny Louviere (USA)

(Name : Kim Eun sook (Korea))                         Title : Can’t wait to get back to Takahama!


(Title : Kazusa Beach in Minami-shimabara)



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