“Nagasaki-Shanghai RunRevival Live Jazz Celebration” in Shanghai

12Jan 2012 Nagasaki-Ken

 “Nagasaki-Shanghai RunRevival Live Jazz Celebration”


Nagasaki Night


MotokaOguni,jazz pianist and composer fromNagasaki-cityJapan,

hascomposedsome original jazz tunes to commemorate the revival of the Nagasaki-ShanghaiRun.This run was used from 1923-1943, parallel to the Jazz Age. The revival happens in March. The Oguni Trio will play her original jazz piece“Shanghai Run”in Shanghai!


                      Shanghai ―- from old town to mega city.

                                          Oguni will express Shanghai’s many colorful images

                                                            with the rythms of jazz.


20 January 2012

The Melting Pot(2nd floor)

Tianzifang288 Taikang Lu near Sinan Lu Shanghai

PHONE 021-6415-8180

Open  6:30p.m.

First Session      7:00-8:00p.m.

Intermisson      8:00-9:00p.m.

Second Session 9:00-10:00p.m.

                   No entrance fee

                      One drink minimum


The Oguni Trio will perform with Shanghaijazz musicians!



【Oguni Trio】MotokaOguni(piano) Hajime Niwa(base) Takeshi Nakamura(drams)

【player of Shanghai】oriental fiddle, saxophone, trumpet

【M.C.】Daisuke Nendo

【sponsor】 Nagasaki Culture Telecasting Co. 

【support】Nagasaki Prefecture



Nagasaki Night


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