Let’s play Kobara! (a tag game from Africa)

14Feb 2013 Nagasaki-Ken

We will be holding an international exchange event for JET participants and the general public as follows. We are recruiting participants for this event, so if you are interested, please apply! 


1. Date & Time: Saturday 2nd March 2013 13:00 – 16.30 (doors open 12.30)


2. Venue: Nagasaki University Gymnasium (1-14 Bunkyo-machi,Nagasaki City)


3. Fee: Free


4. Event Details: Mixed teams of JETs and Nagasaki citizens will challenge each other in a

                          Kobara tournament. Kobara is a game like tag which is very popular in

                          Africa. A former overseas volunteer will teach us how to play! We will also

                          have time to get to know each other and learn about participants’

                          countries ♪


5. Participants:  30 places (JET participants and Japanese participants combined)

           ● Please wear clothes suitable for exercise and non-marking indoor shoes

                             suitable for the gym, and bring your own drink.

           ● This event is aimed at those of elementary school age and above, who

                             can exercise without problems. Parents and children are very welcome

                             to participate together ♪

           ● Please apply individually (NB. families may apply together).


6. Application: Please fill in the application form and submit it by email or fax to the

                       International Affairs Division (details below).


7. Deadline: Sunday 25th February 2013  

           ● Applications accepted on a first-come first-served basis.

           ● We will notify you of whether your application has been successful by

                             email or telephone, by Tuesday 27th February         





Applications and Enquiries

Mariko Ohno (Jp) /Haoyu Zhu (Ch) /Amy Gifford (En)

International Affairs Division, Nagasaki Prefectural Government

TEL: 095-895-2083 ● FAX: 095-827-2487 ● E-mail: 


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