Culture and Sports

1.Japanese Language Education Volunteer Groups.

18Nov 2011 Nagasaki-Ken
Name Inquires


Language and Cultural Center

TEL: 095-846-0084 (Contact: Kubo-san)



Kwassui Women’s College

Japanese Language Program

TEL: 095-825-7091 (Contact: Watanabe-sensei)


Nihongo Network inNagasaki

Contact Nishikubo-san on 095-821-6454

Elementary Japanese Classes at Chikyu-Shimin Hiroba (Nagasaki Brick Hall)

TEL: 095-829-1113 (International Affairs Division,NagasakiCity)


Iroha Juku

TEL: 080-5216-0168



Omura International Association

TEL: 0957-53-4111 (Ex 229) 


Friendship InternationalSasebo

TEL: 0956-23-9117




2.Volunteer Organizations in Nagasaki Prefecture

18Nov 2011 Nagasaki-Ken

There are over 100 volunteer organizations inNagasakiPrefecturewho have an interest in foreign countries and cultures. There are also facilities in major cities that provide information on events in the prefecture.



  • Nagasaki International Association

The Association offers lots of information for foreign nationals about daily life, international exchange and understanding. CDs, videos and music from countries all over the world may be borrowed and are also available for public viewing.

Tel: 095-823-3931    Website:



  • Higashiyama Chikyūkan

Chikyūkan is a highly recommended place for foreign residents to meet Japanese and other overseas nationals. You can learn about other cultures, customs and traditions, and also cultivate new friendships through sports and food events.

Tel: 095-822-7966


         ●   Chikyūshimin Hiroba

There is free access to books, foreign newspapers and magazines with internet access for a small charge.

Tel: 095-842-3783


         ● NagasakiPrefectural Tourism Federation   Tel: 095-862-9407



         ● SaseboFriendship International   Tel: 0956-23-9117



         ● NagasakiCity Hall, International Affairs Division   Tel: 095-829-1113



         ● SaseboCity Hall, Cultural Exchange Division   Tel: 0956-24-1111


         ● Isahaya City Hall, Planning and Coordination Division   Tel: 0957-22-1500


         ● Omura International Association   Tel: 0957-53-4111 (ex 229)


There are also information magazines published in English for the people ofNagasakiPrefecture, these include Nagasaki Beat (English) and Chikyūshimin (Japanese, English).


3.Culture Classes / Sports Groups

18Nov 2011 Nagasaki-Ken

Foreign residents who can communicate in Japanese and would like to increase communication with local citizens through culture or sport can try the following:



  • NBCAcademy(many different cultural classes)    

             Tel: 095-826-3111.


  • NHKNagasakiCulturalCenter(many different cultural classes)

             Tel: 095-818-7021.


  • NagasakiKenminUniversity(classes in many areas)

              (Manabi Net)


  • Kendō (Japanese Fencing)NagasakiKendo Association    Tel: 095-826-5220


  • Aikidō (Japanese Weaponless Self Defense) Aiki Manseidō Dōjō    Tel: 095-826-4491


  • Jūdō (Japanese Art of Self Defense)NagasakiJūdō Association    Tel: 095-861-7980


  • Ichijūkai (Classical Japanese Dance) NagaiStudentsCenter    Tel: 095-844-6872



Culture Classes in Nagasaki City



  • Ikebana (flower arranging), Ceramics & Tea Ceremony.    Tel: 095-892-7453 (Terashi-sensei)


  • Koto (Japanese harp)IkutaryūSeihaSoukyokuSchool    Tel: 095-826-1053 (Shinohara-sensei)


  • Tea Ceremony.UrasenkeSchool    Tel: 095-878-6207 (Sonoda-sensei)



Note: Other classes (known as public or citizens lectures) are available at your local kouminkan (community hall). For more information, enquire at your local community hall.


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