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Residence and Immigration

18Nov 2011 Nagasaki-Ken


  The new Residency Management System began on 9th July 2012. A Residence Card (在留(ざいりゅう)カード zairyuu kaado) is issued to foreign nationals residing in Japan. The card bears information such as name, status of residence and period of stay, as well as a photograph of the holder’s face.


  The Special Re-entry Permit System has also been introduced. Foreign nationals in possession of a valid passport and Residence Card who will be leaving and then reentering Japan within 1 year of their departure to continue their activities in Japan will, in principle, not be required to apply for a re-entry permit. (This is called a ‘special re-entry permit’.)


  Foreign nationals who have departed from Japan on a special re-entry permit will not be able to extend that permit while abroad. Please note that such foreign nationals will lose their resident status if they fail to re-enter Japan within 1 year of their departure.


      NB: If your period of stay expires within 1 year after your departure, please ensure  that you re-enter Japan before the expiration of your period of stay.


☆ Immigration Bureau of Japan homepage:



☆ Further information on new Residency Management System:



☆ Immigration Information Center (for enquiries regarding immigration and residence procedures; various languages available)

                         Tel: 0570-013904       Email:

(from IP phone (e.g. Skype), PHS or overseas, Tel: 03-5796-7112)


☆ Fukuoka Regional Immigration Bureau

                        Nagasaki Branch Office Tel: 095-822-5289

                        Tsushima Branch Office Tel: 0920-52-0432

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