We are holding a prize campaign for members, aimed at foreigners with links to Nagasaki!

29Oct 2013 Nagasaki-Ken






We are holding a prize campaign for members, aimed at foreigners with links to Nagasaki!

During the campaign period, those who fill in a simple questionnaire about the Dejima Network will be entered into a prize draw to win one of 10 “Nyagasaki Neko” hand towels, printed with feline versions of various symbols ofNagasaki.


※ More details of “Nyagasaki Neko” hand towels is here!!



■ Conditions of participation ■

  You must already be a member of the Dejima Network, or you must become a member during the campaign period. Please note, this campaign is not open to Japanese nationals.  



■ How to apply ■

I] Become a member

To participate in the contest, you must be a member of the Dejima Network website. If you are already a member, proceed to step II.

※ If you are not a member, visit NAGASAKI VISITERS’ BOOK to sign up.

II] Fill out and submit the questionnaire

Select the appropriate responses and fill in your answers to this simple questionnaire and submit it by the deadline.



■ Campaign deadline ■

Tuesday, December 10th 2013



■ Prize draw and announcement of winners ■

 Winners will be notified separately by email.



■ Enquiries ■

Nagasaki Prefectural Government Asian and International Policy Division(



The winners of photo contest is announced!

19Aug 2013 Nagasaki-Ken


The winners of photo contest is announced!


      A trip for two to Iki(1 pair)



     ニックネーム(Nickname) : kutsuphoto

     タイトル(Title):Kuchinotsu at Twlight (黄昏で口之津)




Admission Tickets for Huis Ten Bosch(3 pairs)



ニックネーム(Nickname) : Shurei    ニックネーム(Nickname) : Zedong Jiang
タイトル(Title): 華の長崎ロマン          タイトル(Title) : 出島の初夏 Early summer of Dejima


ニックネーム(Nickname) : susanhua800

タイトル(Title): 感謝の賛歌





Assortment of produce from Nagasaki Prefecture(for 10 people)



ニックネーム(Nickname) : Sue Ann Simon   ニックネーム(Nickname) : hanjin

タイトル(Title): Nagasaki Station        タイトル(Title): 島原城の菖蒲どころ



ニックネーム(Nickname) : cscott23            ニックネーム(Nickname) : Samantha Su

タイトル(Title): Maple Hightway もみじ街道 タイトル(Title): 魚が食べたい!



ニックネーム(Nickname) : lin                ニックネーム(Nickname) : Tu Chuandeng

タイトル(Title): 夏の光              タイトル(Title):帆船祭り



 ニックネーム(Nickname) : Ellen Chen         ニックネーム(Nickname) : Apple

 タイトル(Title): キラキラ             タイトル(Title):嵐来る前の夕方



ニックネーム(Nickname) : piyatom            ニックネーム(Nickname) : yeonhwa

タイトル(Title): 長崎の車窓から        タイトル(Title): ハウステンボス




We are holding a photo contest aimed at non-Japanese with connections to Nagasaki Prefecture!

18Jun 2013 Nagasaki-Ken



We are holding a photo contest aimed at non-Japanese with connections to Nagasaki Prefecture!


The theme is “My favourite Nagasaki scenery.”


Whether it’s Nagasaki’s more famous spots, or places and views you’ve seen and liked in your everyday life, we’d love to receive photographs which show your view of Nagasaki.


We look forward to all your applications!


We have some amazing prizes for our winners!



more details here!



The winners of Tour Planning Contest is announced!

27Feb 2013 Nagasaki-Ken



The winners of Tour Planning Contest is announced!






The winner and runners-up will also be notified separately by email.




Note: Click  pictures, you can see member’s tour plans:-)





 Top Prize: Your tour will come true, for you and a friend!(1 pair)



U s e r  I D  :susanhua800さん

Title of Tour :長崎“和華蘭”味わうツアー


・ “和華蘭”のコンセプトに沿ったコース。体験や食事で長崎の様々な魅力を発見でき、訪問

・ 長崎県内の各地域の特徴がわかりやすいコース作り。

・ 松浦鉄道で田園風景、佐世保~長崎間のJRで海沿いの風景を楽しむことができる。



【優秀賞】長崎県産品(5名) ※順不同

Runner-up Prize: 5 x Nagasaki local-produce gifts



U s e r  I D :king12248さん             U s e r  I D :SASさん


Title of Tour:EVでGo!                                     Title of Tour:Site of

                       五島をエコで楽しむツアー                       NAGASAKI & SHIMABARA                                      

<コメント>                      <コメント>

・民泊や体験型ツアーによって、       ・長崎県を初めて訪れるビジターにとって

  その土地の人々の生活をじかに       長崎がどんなところなのかわかりやすく、

  感じられる構成。                 友人に楽しい旅の思い出を残してあげようとする

  エコというテーマも面白い。           コース作りが○。



U s e r  I D :Jeanieさん                               U s e r  I D :robertさん

Title of Tour:The Beauty and Power of Nature Title of Tour:(原題)五长佐行



 <コメント>                        <コメント>  

・トレッキングを通して                 ・島の観光をコースに盛り込んで、

  雲仙・島原の新たな魅力が感じられる。     海上移動の楽しさを味わえる。

  アウトドア派にはお薦めのコース。         海上からの長崎の夜景という発想も面白い。



U s e r  I D :hanjinさん

Title of Tour:

(原題)이사하야? 운젠? 시마바라?

나가사키 야경은요?? 아시나요?
출발! 나가사키현 여기저기 탐험대!











Let’s play Kobara! (a tag game from Africa)

14Feb 2013 Nagasaki-Ken

We will be holding an international exchange event for JET participants and the general public as follows. We are recruiting participants for this event, so if you are interested, please apply! 


1. Date & Time: Saturday 2nd March 2013 13:00 – 16.30 (doors open 12.30)


2. Venue: Nagasaki University Gymnasium (1-14 Bunkyo-machi,Nagasaki City)


3. Fee: Free


4. Event Details: Mixed teams of JETs and Nagasaki citizens will challenge each other in a

                          Kobara tournament. Kobara is a game like tag which is very popular in

                          Africa. A former overseas volunteer will teach us how to play! We will also

                          have time to get to know each other and learn about participants’

                          countries ♪


5. Participants:  30 places (JET participants and Japanese participants combined)

           ● Please wear clothes suitable for exercise and non-marking indoor shoes

                             suitable for the gym, and bring your own drink.

           ● This event is aimed at those of elementary school age and above, who

                             can exercise without problems. Parents and children are very welcome

                             to participate together ♪

           ● Please apply individually (NB. families may apply together).


6. Application: Please fill in the application form and submit it by email or fax to the

                       International Affairs Division (details below).


7. Deadline: Sunday 25th February 2013  

           ● Applications accepted on a first-come first-served basis.

           ● We will notify you of whether your application has been successful by

                             email or telephone, by Tuesday 27th February         





Applications and Enquiries

Mariko Ohno (Jp) /Haoyu Zhu (Ch) /Amy Gifford (En)

International Affairs Division, Nagasaki Prefectural Government

TEL: 095-895-2083 ● FAX: 095-827-2487 ● E-mail: 


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